Blogging Minneapolis Local Business: How To Blog Your Story To An Eager Audience

Who else wants to learn how to tell your story to an audience clamoring for more?

Date: Tuesday, October 11, 2011
Time: 6 to 7 PM (5:30 to record your free video)
Location: Bruegger’s Bagel Bakery
Address: 3558 Winnetka Avenue North, New Hope, MN 55427
How To Blog Your Story To An Eager Audience

How To Blog Your Story To An Eager Audience

We have confirmed our meeting at the Bruegger’s in New Hope on 36th and Winnetka. They are delighted to meet you and host our meeting. Please, thank them for their hospitality.

Our topics this month include best practices for:

  • Blogging, and
  • Video blogging

You told us you want to know more about how to blog. We have example blogs from several different industries that should help you get started.

“Make the customer the hero of your story.” ~ Ann Handley

“The right people to start video blogging are those with a passion to tell a story.” ~ Steve Garfield

These are things that you leverage to tell your story online:

  1. Why do people like to do business with you?
  2. How are you unique?

One of the greatest features of the internet is that you can publish your story in your voice. Your website, social media and other interactive online gathering places are opportunities waiting for your story. Let your story tell them how you have solved similar problems for real people.

  • Share your story with targeted sales leads.
  • Targeted sales leads are hot for your story.

Meeting is open to anyone. Our members are most interested in local business owners who want to be found by more of the right customers in the Twin Cities area, especially:

  • Minneapolis
  • Golden Valley
  • New Hope
  • Plymouth

The Minneapolis Local Business Forum is dedicated to our local business community. Please, share this with other business leaders. Invite all of your connections who are interested in growing business.

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2 thoughts on “Blogging Minneapolis Local Business: How To Blog Your Story To An Eager Audience

  1. Thank you for organizing such a great event! If you’re interested in sharing your blog with the Young Professionals of Twin Cities (YPOTC), please send me an email with a short intro and a link to your site.

    YPOTC is a networking group that develops skill sets, networks job opportunities, and engages its members to create connections and community ties that matter. Your blog would be monitored for topics that reveal more about the culture of MN, which YPOTC would distribute to young professionals that are freshly relocated to the Twin Cities. Stories, hot spots, anything can help to assemble a welcoming representation of the varied communities through out the metro area.

    Seeking intelligent, motivated, and successful individuals, YPOTC holds monthly meetings, educational opportunities, and non-profit activities to connect and engage the leaders of our communities

    • Hi, Meghan!
      Thank you for your delightful comment and invitation.
      Silly, isn’t it? Sometimes boilerplate text interferes with actual communications ;> If you read this blog post, then you already have much more than a “short intro;” and – certainly – you know our website because you came here and commented.
      Yes, indeed, we will be delighted to have your members come to our meeting next Tuesday. Please, come. We offer many free benefits, in addition to the meeting and talk.
      Thank you, again, for your interest.
      Best Regards,

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