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As Employers Establish Benefit Plans, They Are Seeking To Make The Right Choices

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Cliff Hanson, Partner

How can we help you? Our unbiased approach to employee benefit strategies allows our clients to:

  1. Crystallize their objectives
  2. Explore their options
  3. Make wise decisions
  4. Take action.

Accord Benefit Resources simplifies the process of designing, implementing and monitoring employee benefit plans. Our clients have peace of mind about the stewardship of their employee benefits resources. We help you to:

  • Determine your employee benefit objectives
  • Review in-force benefit plans
  • Design benefits that accomplish your goals
  • Represent you as your purchasing agent
  • Select benefit plans and providers that meet your objectives
  • Implement plans
  • Communicate the value of your benefit plans to employees
  • Monitor performance of and satisfaction with your benefit plans
  • Prepare and present annual renewal
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