How To Blog Minneapolis Local Business’ Story To An Eager Audience

Blogging For Fun & Profit

Blog About Local Minneapolis Business

Blog About Local Minneapolis Business

One of the greatest features of the Internet is that you can publish your story in your voice. Your website, social media and other interactive online gathering places are opportunities waiting for your story. Let your story tell them how you have solved similar problems for real people.

There are many famous bloggers and many renowned blogs. Why blog? Blogging is more a matter of telling your compelling story to eager buyers already searching for what you do best. So, instead of preaching to Minneapolis local business about arcane blogs meant for professional marketing gurus, we chose to use effective local business blogs to illustrate that you, too, can and should start a blog.

At the meeting of the Minneapolis Local Business Forum on Tuesday, October 11, 2011, Mike used blogs of plumbers, auto repair, real estate and attorneys to demonstrate how local business owners post a blog to communicate how they solve problems for their clients. Sometimes the story they tell is interesting and remarkable, and sometimes the story is boring and ineffective. Nobody hits all of the time — it’s persistence and knowing what your audience is looking for that will make blogging work for you.


Look closely at each blog. What do you find remarkable? Emulate those characteristics that ring true for you and your business.

  1. All Plumbing Repair
  2. The Plumbing Blog
  3. D&D Plumbing
  4. Best Plumbing Tile & Stone
  5. Need Plumbing Supplies

Auto Repair

One of the secrets of blogging is regularity. The more frequently you blog — especially at the beginning — the quicker your audience grows.

  1. Auto Repair Savings/
  2. Auto Warranty News/
  3. Tulsa Automotive Repair Blog
  4. Auto Repair Information Blog
  5. Auto Repair

Real Estate

If you can only blog once a week or once a month, do it week in and week out, month in and month out. It will take a few months to gain appreciable following. Once you attract interested readers, they will return to read future blog posts and they will tell others about you.

  1. 360 Digest
  2. Altos Research: How’s the Market?
  3. Homes MSP Real Estate Blog
  4. St. Paul Real Estate Blog
  5. Structure Tech Home Inspections


Write for your ideal audience. Legalese is best understood by other lawyers and judges, but not appreciated by the majority of people looking for an attorney. Bear in mind that when you write something that is interesting to your customers, new prospects will find you, read your story and approach you about becoming great customers.

  1. Twin Cities Business Litigation Blog
  2. Minneapolis Divorce Attorney & Lawyer
  3. Larry Bodine Law Marketing Blog
  4. Bank Lawyer’s Blog
  5. Billings Personal Injury Video Blog/

What would you want to read about your business if you were a prospect searching for what you do best? Minneapolis local business ought to blog about local Minneapolis business and what local customers want. The Minneapolis Local Business Forum will continue to bring straightforward marketing advice to your attention. Be remarkable and come to our next meeting to find out how you, too, can attract great customers.

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