The Minneapolis Local Business Forum Teaches Internet Marketing For Small Business

Content Matters To Minneapolis Local Business

Content Matters To Minneapolis Local Business

Thank you! Our inaugural meeting on Tuesday, September 13, 2011 at Master Communications Group was a phenomenal success. Thanks go to all of you who attended. We are nothing without your participation.

Minneapolis Local Business Forum Attendees

In attendance were the following business leaders:

Get Your FREE Minneapolis Local Business Video

Several of you took advantage of our free video offer. Keep an eye on this website over the next week to see you and your business featured online. We may contact you to clarify details about your business so we promote you properly. Please, contact us if we need to correct information about you and your business online. Promoting your business on the Minneapolis Local Business Forum website benefits all of us. The more traffic we attract to this website, the more credibility Google and other search engines will give us — and YOU.

ABC’s Of Internet Marketing For Small Business

Tim and Mike presented the ABC’s Of Internet Marketing For Small Business which demonstrates the need for you to effectively promote your business online. If you want a copy of our presentations, let us know. We also captured the presentations on video and we are working on the best way to make this available to you. The most important takeaway from this is probably that your best prospects are online and looking for you and your products and services. Again, right this minute, right here in the Twin Cities, somebody is searching for what you do on the Internet. If they don’t find you, they will buy from somebody else.

Minneapolis Local Business Wants Solutions And Entertainment

Secondly, what these people are looking for is one of two things:

  1. A solution to their problem, or
  2. Entertainment.

Every search leads to a search results page. Those results, in and of themselves, are of little value except as links to further information. This is key to all Internet marketing; but, especially so for small business Internet marketing. Existing customers already know your name and your website. Eager buyers do not know you … yet. Remember how you, too, search to buy.

I, Too, Shop For Minneapolis Local Business

Initially, I don’t care about your name, your company name, your features nor your advantages. When I’m trying to solve my problem, I am looking for viable solutions to my problem. Once I find a credible solution, I want to know, “What’s in it for me?” How do you shop? Do you spend a lot of time familiarizing yourself with a website belonging to a company with which you have no intention of doing business?

Minneapolis Local Business Are On Search Results Pages

The search results page gives you the briefest of summaries of products or services. Clicking on one of these links ought to take you to a webpage that provides more detail. That is what I expect when I search and click on a search result. What about you? How do you shop online? How do you respond when the link you click takes you to a page that doesn’t meet your expectations? Statistically, the “Back” button is the 3rd most used button on the keyboard when it comes to Internet browsing.

Content Matters To Minneapolis Local Business

So, content matters. It matters a lot. DO NOT underestimate the value of the content you produce in promoting your business. Internet marketing for small business is serious business. You are a publisher. The content you publish, unlike newspaper ads, yellow page spreads and a magazine article — your online content never expires and does not go out with the trash. Think carefully about your online content, because it will still be there five years from now. Forever.

Minneapolis Local Business Feedback Is Valuable

We got great live feedback from all of you. There was considerable interest in learning about blogging. Blogging For Small Business Marketing will be the focus presentation at our next meeting on Tuesday, October 11, 2011 6-7 PM. We are planning to hold this meeting at Master Communications Group again. However, we are also socializing holding our meetings at a local restaurant. It will be good for you to be able to eat and drink. This will also be good for a restaurant to get business and new patrons.

Minneapolis Local Business Forum Wants You At Our Next Meeting

We look forward to seeing you all again soon. Furthermore, keep in touch with us and other members of the Minneapolis Local Business Forum. You are the reason we exist. You can teach us a lot from your experience and your expertise. How can we help you?

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Mike Schleif, Owner

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We help frustrated business owners attract great customers.

May I ask you a question?

We talk with a lot of business owners. Lately, the two biggest problems I’ve been hearing are too few targeted sales leads and poor return on advertising investments. Do either of these ring true with you?

Serious business growth is close at hand, but you have to take action now.

Minneapolis Internet marketing for small business has replaced yellow pages, telemarketing, newspaper ads and billboards.

When did you want to start attracting great customers? If you want to BE remarkable, you must DO something remarkable!

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Minneapolis Local Business Forum Asks: When Did You Want To Start Attracting Great Customers?

Minneapolis Local Business Forum Small Business Mastermind Internet Marketing Business Directory

The Minneapolis Local Business Forum is the brainchild of a group of local entrepreneurs who want to help promote businesses in the Twin Cities’ western suburbs by introducing them to each other, as well as to local residents, to boost our local economy. We are a totally free, no obligation business forum focused on providing ideas, strategies and tactics to grow your business. There is no free lunch; but, by banding together, we can act together today to promote and grow our businesses.

The Minneapolis Local Business Forum is About Free Exposure and Business Growth

This forum is an opportunity to get free exposure and to make valuable contacts for everyone who decides to join and participate. Yes, we want to grow our businesses, too. We are local entrepreneurs, just like you and everybody we are inviting to this group. Participating in this forum you can hook up with others locally who could:

  • complement your own skills
  • provide contacts
  • possibly use your services

What’s In The Minneapolis Local Business Forum for YOU?

What’s in it for you? You and your business could:

  1. Get to know your neighborhood business professionals.
  2. Make new friends and strategic partnerships.
  3. Establish alliances and identify possible vendors and clients.
  4. Share problems and experiences with local professionals.
  5. Collaborate on solutions to tough business problems.
  6. Be recognized by fellow local business owners for your expertise.
  7. Showcase your business in your free video interview.
  8. Generate immense amounts of goodwill.

What Are Some of YOUR Tangible Benefits from The Minneapolis Local Business Forum?

What’s in it for you? Obviously, your benefit is a function of what you put into this. Following are some tangible benefits we offer to our members:

  1. Free exposure for your business.
  2. Free listing on the Minneapolis Local Business Forum website.
  3. Free video about your business included with website listing.
  4. Free membership in the Minneapolis Local Business Forum.
  5. Free promotion on the Minneapolis Local Business Forum Facebook fan page.
  6. Free promotion on the Minneapolis Local Business Forum Twitter feed.
  7. Free access to and interaction on Minneapolis Local Business Forum LinkedIn group.

The Minneapolis Local Business Forum is Opportunity Knocking On YOUR Door

As founders of this forum, Mike and Tim have a lot to offer. Without you, this forum has limited potential. In our line of work, we must listen. A lot of listening. Therefore, we encourage you to bring your A-game to this forum. We offer plenty of opportunity for you to help us grow business here in the Twin Cities:

  • Opportunity to showcase your business expertise.
  • Opportunity to present at future forum meetings.
  • Opportunity to host future meetings.
  • Opportunity to show us how you work.

What Can YOU Learn From The Minneapolis Local Business Forum?

So, what can you expect to learn from the Minneapolis Local Business Forum? From our standpoint, Tim and Mike will help you with the following:

  1. Learn how to fine tune your elevator pitch and positioning statement.
  2. Learn how to anticipate eager buyers shopping for what you offer.
  3. Learn how to tell your story to an audience clamoring for more.
  4. Learn what consumers expect to find on your web site.
  5. Learn why video is more persuasive for modern shoppers.
  6. Learn when to nurture prospects while converting them to great customers.
  7. Learn how to make social media an effective tool for business growth.

Who CANNOT Participate In The Minneapolis Local Business Forum?

All businesses are welcome. Word of mouth is the most effective advertising. Feel free to tell others about the Minneapolis Local Business Forum and invite them to attend. This forum is intended to be a local business master mind group where every member will share their expertise and learn from the expertise of others. Competitors are encouraged to attend; but, no sales pitches are allowed.

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